How to save money with EU cross-border payments

1 July 2003 is the start of the EU cross-border payments, which will enable you to make euro transfers within the EU more efficiently and at lower cost.
From this date, banks will offer you the execution of incoming and outgoing payments within the EU at the price of domestic transfers.

The following criteria have to be met:

– Transfer currency: euro.
– Maximum amount: EUR 12,500.
– Indication of IBAN ("International Bank AccountNumber") and BIC ("Bank Identifier Code") is obligatory.
–Cross-border payment within the 15 EU member states (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy,Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom)
– No special instructions (e.g. "urgent").
– Shared charges: the charges of the customer’s bank always have to be borne by the customer, the charges of the recipient’s bank by the recipient. Other instructions for the payment of charges are not possible.

Important: IBAN and BIC
For the low-cost and quick execution of your crossborder payment order, you have to indicate the IBAN and the BIC.
The IBAN ("International Bank Account Number") is an internationally standardised description of the banking connection.
It includes the country code, bank and account data, as well as a check digit (for instance: AT142022700000014076).
The BIC ("Bank Identifier Code") is a bank’s identification code which is used worldwide. It is also often referred to as SWIFT code.
Your payments can only be transmitted automatically and treated as low-cost EU cross-border payments if the IBAN and the BIC are indicated.
Conversely, individuals living abroad who wish to transfer money to you, have to indicate the IBAN and the BIC of your accounts held.

Your personal IBAN and the corresponding BIC are printed in the bottom line of your account statements.

In your branch office

Please use the "International Transfer Order" form.
When filling it in, please note the points indicated.

Via TelefonBanking or OnlineBanking.

Of course you can also give an EU cross-border payment easily and conveniently by TelefonBanking.

How to give an EU cross-border payment

International Transfer Order
I/We request you to carry out the following international transfer:
Currency Amount in figures




Account number (without ’-’, ’/’) Date (DD.MM.YYYY)




  Customer (maximum 4 x 35 characters)        
NAME payer

place of residence

country of residence

Purpose of payment maximum 4 x 35 characters, for "Europa- Überweisungen" (European transfers) maximum 1 x 35 characters
Beneficiary (maximum 4 x 35 characters)
NAME payee

place of residence

county of residence

IBAN e.g. DE27500700100011962800  *5)
ACCOUNT NO   please do not fill in  
SWIFT addr./BIC code Routing Type  Routing code



please do not fill in

at (maximum 4 x 35 characters)
NAME please do not fill in
Domestic charges to the debit of x  customer o    beneficiary
Charges abroad to the debit of o   customer x   beneficiary
*) IF NOT INDICATED : domestic charges to be debited to the customer, charges abroad to be debited to the beneficiary.

*1) EU cross-border payments only possible in euros.

*2) Maximum amount: EUR 25,000.

*3) Payer’s account number

*4) Transmission of 1 line with a maximum of 35 characters is guaranteed

*5) IBAN of payee’s account

*6) BIC of payee’s bank

*7) Sharing charges is obligatory

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